Five Of The Most Blatantly Racist Food Advertisements EVER

In 2017 we are living in one of the most sensitive times in the history of history. Everything anyone says or does offends someone. Every thought that crosses your mind or word that comes out of your mouth is racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, claustrophobic, the fuckery never ends. But as far as food ads go (both past and present), the whole “everything and everyone is racist” arguement might have a touch of validity. Checkout these blatantly racist food advertisements and mascots:

1. Aunt Jemima


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that This head scarf-wearing southern slang-talking fictional pancake patron is a blatantly racist reflection of a slavery era house servant. Unlike other household grocery names such as Chef Boyardee and Colonel Sanders, Aunt Jemima is an entirely fictional character.  Dating back to 1883, her entire concept is based on slavery era plantation nostalgia based on the idea of “mammy”. Although Aunt Jemima has since traded her headscarf for a pair of pearls and taken on an overall more empowered look, let us not forget how blatantly fucking racist this product once was, and arguably still is.



2. Beaners Coffee


In all fairness this one seems like an honest mistake. I mean coffee is made of beans, so the masters of such a product could technically be called beaners. There was even one of these directly across the street from a Mexican restaurant in Perrysburg, OH for quite some time. Through several angry Mexicans and a little common fucking sense, the company changed their name to Biggby coffee after 12 years. Calling your coffee company Beaners is like calling your jacuzzi business ‘wetbacks’. How the fuck did not one single person raise a hand and say this might be a bad idea?

3. Darkie Toothpaste


I cannot make this shit up. And why would I? The mascot is actually based on a guy in blackface named Al Jolson:


To quell those (fucking rightfully) crying “racist” , Colgate officially changed the name of the toothpaste to “Darlie” and now only sells it in Asia.

but get this shit

In Chinese, Darlie is  黑人牙膏 (Hei Ren Ya Gao), which roughly translates to “Black man toothpaste”.  And it sells incredibly well among Asians.


4. Mountain Dew


Didn’t think being racist against white people was possible? think again. Mountain dew originates in the Appalachian area of North America which just so happens to be its most popular geographic area of consumption to this day. Advertised as “zero proof moonshine” that will “tickle your innards”, Moutain Dew’s earliest advertisements included a toothless hillbilly with torn jeans and missing teeth sipping on moonshine. Given its geographically historic significance and ridiculous sugar content, people living in the Appalachians also suffer more rotted teeth and gum disease than anywhere else in the country, and they literally call it “Mountain Dew mouth”.



5. Obama Fried Chicken


that’s the actual fucking logo btw


Can we all agree at this point that Asian’s are extraordinarily racist?

This Asian fried chicken chain features a caricature of a slightly slant-eyed Barrack Obama doppelgänger. According to the New York Post, the slogan on the sign featuring Obama’s head superimposed on Colonel Sanders’ body roughly translates to, “We’re so cool, aren’t we?”

KFC spokespeople have stated repeatedly that the company has zero  affiliation with KFC and they are even considering taking legal action given that the OFC logo is pretty much a copycat of Colonel Sanders.











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