“Real Life Silent Hill” : PA Ghost Town Has Been On Fire Since 1962

Centralia, Pennsylvania is the least populated place in the state. Signs all over warn ghost-hunting or thrill-seeking tourists of asphyxiation and the threat of being swallowed by sink holes, but that doesn’t stop people from visiting what they call the “real life silent hill”.

It all started with a fire that was intended to burn a landfill in September 1962. But the landfill was connected to a labyrinth of abandoned coal mines, and eventually set ablaze a massive underground deposit of coal. Though the fire above ground was eventually able to be extignuished, a massive inferno raged underneath of slow-burning coal. Eventually the raging fire and high levels of carbon monoxide caused the towns residents to have to vacate.  As of 2017 , the coal underneath Centralia is in fact still burning, resulting in cracked roads and smoke smoldering above ground.



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