10 Unusual Facts About The Human Body

  1. If you’re planning on comitting a crime, make sure not to lick anything at the crime scene. Much like fingerprints, every human has a unique tongue print as well/


2. Babies have more bones than adults. You come out of the womb with aorund 350 bones in your body, but several of them fuse together and you wind up with around 206.


3. You get a BRAND SPANKING NEW stomach lining once every three to four days. Without this renewal, the acids in your stomach would literally eat you from the inside out.


4. Dogs noses can smell around 1 part per million (1ppm). Thats the equivalent of being able to taste a teaspoon of sugar in TWO olympic sized swimming pools. Humans noses are nowhere near this strong, but we can however memorize up to 50 THOUSAND smells.


5. A sneeze comes out of your face at around 100 MPH


6. If you laid all the blood vessels in your body end to end, it would be about 60,000 miles long.


7. Remember the bit about the swimming pools from number 4? If you saved all the saliva you produce in your lifetime, it would be about 25 thousand quarts. Enough to fill both of those pools.


8. BY the age of sixty, Over half of the human population will snore.


9. The average human head has around 100,000 hair follicles. Blondes however, have closer to 146,000. They may not have more fun, but they certainly have more hair.


10. Fingernails grow faster than toenails. And they also grow faster on your dominant hand.



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