[VIDEO] The Raunchy ‘Back To The Future’ Parody That Later Became ‘Rick and Morty’

Seems like every year a brand new crop of insanely wack TV series pops up and all the good ones get cancelled. Outsiders was cancelled, Game of Thrones wont be back until who the fuck knows when,  Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy literally left zero room to continue by killing literally everyone (the spinoff was wack too). Just crap TV everywhere you look, everywhere except Adult Swim. If you havent watched Rick and Morty, you need to get off your ass right now and go turn it on. Go ahead. Go now, we will wait.


The raunchy cartoon series created by Justin Roiland (who voices both Rick and Morty), depicts a boy and his mad scientist uncle travelling across worlds and dimensions engaging in every possible kind of fuckery. As is regular with any adult swim show, Rick and Morty is overflowing with pitch black humor. What most people don’t know however, is that the instant classic actually originated with an even raunchier cartoon parody of “Back to the Future”.

During an interview with wired, Roiland disclosed how the whole concept began with Channel 101, a  monthly short-film festival in Los Angeles where artists like Roiland can submit their work.

Over the years, I kept trying to plug them into different projects, and when Dan called me and said Adult Swim wanted to make a show, it was the first thing I pitched him, But [Rick and Morty] is a complete departure from the original short I made … We didn’t want to just think of this as a Back to the Future thing. I was like, ‘No time travel.’ The designs are reminiscent, but psychologically, I perceive them as something completely different from their origins.

Check out the link below to view the origin of Rick and Morty. Be warned however that it is NOT safe for work and you should probably keep the volume down if you’re around kids.

LINK: “The Real Animated Adventures Of Doc and Mharti”



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