8 ‘Dad Hacks’ That Every Guy Needs To Know

Being a dad is one of the hardest jobs in the world. I’d put it right up there with brain surgeon and whatever Bruce Willis’ official title was when he had to drill that hole in an asteroid to blow it up and stop it from wiping out the entire human race. Yeah, we’re kind of a big deal. Being the naturally crafty fuckers what we are, dads have put our own special twists on day to day tasks to make them a tad bit more efficient, thus giving us more energy to put toward other important tasks like choosing lawnmowers or tightening all the jars in the kitchen because we’re mad at our wives.


Stop your kids toys from floating away in the bath



No more murder scene screams when it’s time to take those pesky antibiotics



Call of Daddy Duty



Prince or princess wants to be pushes in the swing but dad needs to kick his feet up and have a beer? No problem



Baseball and Fishing practice at the SAME DAMN TIME



The bait-and-switch, for that stubborn eater in the house



Save your princess’ tears and bring Barbie back from the dead



Because my fingers are too fat to use a stupid hairtie





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