7 Game Changing Snapchat Hacks (Number 6 Is The Best)

From the Nokia 3310 to the Blackberry to the iPhone, technology is ever advancing. Along with technology the social media age is growing ever stronger and stronger with a burning hot new app taking over the teenage and young adult demographic almost like mass hypnosis. The app that is all the rave right now is snapchat. Everyone and their grandma has one and everyone wants to do cool new shit with it. Below is a quick list of 7 cool ass things you probably didn’t know you could do on the snapper:


1. Put multiple filters on a snap
-Take a glamorous selfie or masterpiece snap as you normally would
-Swipe left across the screen and apply the first filter
-after selecting the first filter, hold your thumb down somewhere on the screen to lock the first filter in place
-Now with your other hand, swipe through the other filters to apply more.
-Once you’ve applied the second filter, lift your thumb off the screen and then hold it down again. Now you may choose a third and final filter



2. Promote your snapchat profile across other social media platforms
Using the following format, you can easily guide users from other social media platforms to download snapchat and/or add you:



3. Change the color of individual words and letters
-Type your caption and tap the “T” icon to get the largest size text
-Select one color you want to use from the color palette to start with
-Then tap any word in your text and click the select option to highlight the word
-Move the highlight over any word or letter you want to change the color of
-Choose the next color from the color palette



4. Pin an emoji to a moving target
-Record a video
-tap the emoji icon and select the one you want
-Resize the emoji to fit the size of the desired target
-Tap and hold the emoji to drag it over the moving target
-Hold it over the object for a few seconds
-voila, snapchat will refresh the video with your emoji moving with its target


5.Find out if another user follows you back
-go to Add Friends
-Select Add by Username
-Type the person’s username
-Hold down on their username
-If you see their Snapchat score, that means they are following you back


6. Take a screenshot without them knowing

Via PC Advisor:
1) Load the Snapchat (but don’t open it!). The first step is to open Snapchat and swipe right to access the list of sent and received Snapchats. The received Snapchat should automatically load and display ‘Tap to open’ in the list view, but if it displays ‘Tap to load’ then tap it, but be sure not to open it.
2) Airplane mode. Once you’ve loaded the Snapchat, simply toggle Airplane mode on. This can usually be done via the Notification window on Android devices, the Control Centre on iOS devices, or in the Settings menu.
3) Screenshot time! Once you’ve activated Airplane mode, simply tap the Snapchat to open it and screenshot in the same way you usually would.
4) Quit the app. Now comes the important part – you have to close the app and make sure it isn’t running in the background. iOS users should double click the home button and swipe the app to close it, and Android users should access the multitasking window and close it from there.
5) De-activate Airplane mode. Once you’re sure that you’ve completely closed Snapchat, you’re free to de-activate Airplane mode and re-open the Snapchat app to carry on your conversation. As mentioned earlier, the recipient may get wise after a while as their sent snaps will never be displayed as ‘Opened’, so that’s something to consider before screenshotting



7. Give yourself more space to type captions over pictures

-Open up your notepad app, and hit the ‘return’ button a few times
-Copy the blank space in the notepad
-Paste the blank space into your snapchat caption box



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