This Bag of Air From an Adele Concert is Currently Going for 150$

With iconic smash hits like “Rolling in the deep” and “someone like you”, Adele has silently climbed her way to super stardom over the years, and with the most recent debacle going on in Australia, one could make the argument that the land down under loves her the most.

Besides extravagant high-notes and Elton John-esque piano melodies, it would appear that Adele has blessed the Australians with something else of value as well…..air.
That’s right, we shit you not, fans are in an active bidding war online for a fucking bag of air from an Adele concert.

Showing his entrepreneurial spirit and master trolling abilities, Shaun McDonough grabbed a ziplock bag at an Adele concert in Adelaide and seized the opportunity. The bag is promptly labeled: “Legit bag of air. Content: Adele. 13/3/2017 Adelaide Oval.”

As of yesterday the bid is right around AUD$202.50 ($155.18). Fuck me, right?

The seller, who has 100% feedback by the way, puts in the product description: “Grab a piece of history for your Adele collection. A true fan must have this air. Bid now for a bargain please note I’m selling a Coles sandwich bag which contains the air.”

You’ve got 72 hours to score this kickass bag of nothing from Adelaide, better stop reading now and head to the bank, but not before sharing. 🙂


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