This Company Makes Coasters Out of Wrecked Cars to Warn Against Drunk Driving

What better way to warn against drunk driving than confronting would-be drunk drivers with the harsh reality of drunk driving consequences. That is exactly what Toronto based company ‘Arrive Alive’ is doing with their new line of bar coasters made of scrap metal from cars destroyed in drunk driving accidents.
The vision of the company is to eventually ‘Eradicate impaired driving’ as per the company website:


arrive alive DRIVE SOBER® in collaboration with key stakeholders and community partners, identifies, implements and supports effective initiatives to eradicate impaired driving.


arrive alive DRIVE SOBER® provides leadership and programs to eliminate impaired driving and enables people and communities to share resources and information that will prevent injuries and save lives.


Establish arrive alive DRIVE SOBER® as the leader of the anti-impaired driving movement.
Provide dynamic and innovative programs to address the anti-impaired driving movement
Provide a forum for people and communities to share resources and information
Build strategic alliances to reduce the incidence of impaired driving in Ontario and beyond
Create environments that support impaired driving legislation
Be a viable self-sustaining organization

With the new line of coasters hitting bars everywhere just in time for St. Patrick’s day, I’m sure many would-be impaired drivers will call a uber after taking a look at one of these:




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