5 Serial Killers Who Were Never Caught

In a day and age of DNA and fingerprints and all kinds of 21st century sherlock-holmes-esque technology, its hard to believe that someone could go on a killing spree and never be caught. But before we had the technology that we have today, murderers rapists and all kinds of heinous things that go bump in the night would lurk right underneath our noses, never being brought to justice in this world. Below is a list of five infamous serial killers whose identity remains a mystery to this day (as of Feb 2017)


1. The Zodiac Killer

And before everyone starts emailing me about Ted Cruz, lets assume every man woman and child is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
Before Northern California was known for having the dankest dank in the history of dankdom, it was home to one of the most notorious (albeit anonymous) murders of all time, the zodiac killer. In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, a person(s) who may or may not be Ted Cruz had confirmed murders of four men and three women between the ages of 16 and 29, with over 30 more presumed victims. The term “zodiac killer” comes from a series of taunting cryptograms sent to the San Francisco police department from the killer himself. The California department of justice has maintained an open investigation on the zodiac killer since 1969, with no apparent break through in sight.


2. Jack The Ripper

. Jack The Ripper is arguably the most notorious murderer of all time, with numerous movies and books being based on the crime spree. But the name “Jack the ripper” was coined in a letter written to the police from a man claiming to be the murderer, which was later classified as a hoax. Also known as the Leather apron or white chapel murderer, ‘Jack the ripper’ is the term widely used for an unidentified murder in London in 1888. Jack the ripper’s victims were all prostitutes who worked in impoverished areas of london. Jack not only killed his victims, but killed them in one of the most brutal ways imaginable, by dissecting them like lab animals, with such precision that many detectives presumed that he must have been an expert at human anatomy and surgery.


3. The Highway of tears

A stretch of Highway 16 in British Columbia is known as the highway of tears,  bears signs urging women not to hitchhike. Between 1969 and 2011 over 40 women have gone missing and multiple turned up deceased along this stretch of highway. Due to the impoverished nature of the largely aboriginal province in Canada, many people resort to hitchhiking due to lack of public transit. Although a few of the numerous murders along the highway of tears have ben solved, tens of dozens remain a mystery to this day. So if you find yourself in this little corner of the world, dont hitch hike!



4. Red Head Murderer

The “Redhead murders” are a series of unsolved murders that took place beginning in 1978 and spanning all the way to 1992. The redhead murders took place in Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi and Pennsylvania. The victims as you may have guessed, were red heads. The bodies were abandoned along major highways suggesting that they were prostitutes or hitch hikers.



5. Moonlight murderer

The Texarkana Moonlight Murders [a term coined by the press] refers to a series of unsolved murders in the Texarkana vicinity in 1946. The killer is credited with attacking eight people within ten weeks, five of whom were killed, usually three weeks apart. The attacks happened on weekends between February 22, 1946 and May 3, 1946. The term moonlight murder comes from the widespread rumour that the murderer struck during the full moon, which is untrue although the killer did strike late at night. The 1976 film “The Town That Dreaded Sundown” claimed to be based on the real events surrounding the murders, although several discrepancies exist between the movie and the events that actually occurred.


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