Seeing Double: Hollywood Doppelgängers

Who's ready for a full blown turkey day mind-fuck? No, the following pictures have not been photoshopped, and no, despite all the eggnog you've probably butt-chugged by now, you are not seeing double. Even the big wigs of hollywood have doppelgangers, check them out: Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel Bob Saget and Stephen Colbert Dax... Continue Reading →


Flat Earth, Lizard People, and Other Crazy Shit People Believe in 2017

  1. Lizard people are controlling the world Officially referred to as 'Reptilians' but also known as reptoids, draconians, saurians, or LIZARD PEOPLE, these are an alleged group of humanoid reptiles that secretly live among regular people and take on human form to gain political power in an effort to manipulate human societies. Repti-Beleivers claim... Continue Reading →

60 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Coming To Ohio

featured image: Good news for all you Buckeye stoners and stonettes, that nagging back pain as well as 20 other listed medical conditions could be your ticket to legally toke on the devil's lettuce from the comfort of your home. regulators in the state's capital of Columbus received over 300 applications to open medical... Continue Reading →

8 Signs You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

Two of the major things that make life on earth possible for humans are oxygen and water. Without these we would certainly die, and relatively quick for that matter. If you were chronically under oxygenated, you'd know it, and you'd do something about it. Yet an astonishing 75 percent of all people are chronically dehydrated.... Continue Reading →

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